​ The payoff will be well worth it.Your tires & rims are cleaned, and a rubber treatment (NOT a dressing) is applied to your tires. Your interior is vacuumed (trunk included) and dusted with a damp towel, door & trunk jambs are wiped, and all windows are sparkled inside and out with glass cleaner.If we are washing your RV, it gets much the same treatment, but Register Auto Detailing wants you to know that we get up on the roof and give it a thorough wash and scrubbing, including everything attached to it...vent covers, horns, AC components, etc. Trust me...we'll beat the 'discount guys' any day of the week with the quality of our work. We want to come back again and again, and have you feel good about referring us to friends and family. With 12 years in business, you'll find great reviews on us everywhere, and we do our best to live up to them all.

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No matter what we are doing to your car, truck, boat, RV, or trailer, the techniques we use are what helps us stay ahead of the 'other guys.' Register Auto Detailing has quite simply developed ways to do a 'good job, fast' to do it quicker and at the same time more thorough than anyone else that we are aware of; even something as basic as a car wash. 

Register Auto Detailing will wash your vehicle from the top down, removing dirt, bugs, and road film. Excessive tar, pollution, industrial fallout, hard water spots, oxidation, and overspray are removed at a reasonable extra cost.Your vehicle is NEVER dried with towels, which can leave very fine scratches , particularly on dark colored cars. We only use a large synthetic chamois which leaves no marks and dries your car like nothing else We highly recommend you buy one of them if you own a dark colored car and We can tell you where to buy them. Keep it in your trunk in a plastic bag, which will keep them damp; NEVER use them while dry and stiff! They can be washed in a washing machine when needed, and this only improves their performance. It takes a while to break them in, so be patient.

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